EA Config

Variable Value Channel IDs (XXXXX,XXXXX) Copy the checked channel ID from the copier. You can copy all the IDs at once or you can copy separately and paste them in the EA acc... See More

Can I select one TP amongst multiple TP?

Yes, you can easily set any one of your take profit targets from your forex signal provider. If your forex signal provider sends multiple TPs, and you want to take only TP2 o... See More

How to set multiple strategies per channel in TSC?

Yes, you can set multiple strategies for per channel in telegram to mt4/5 copier. There are many traders who want to trade differently with different channels. Suppose one tr... See More

How to execute the trade on a market price if the signals provider price doesn’t match with the market price?

To fix this issue, all you have to do is turn on your Spread Calculation and set your SLIPPAGE in Telegram Signal Copier so it can copy trade signals at the market price. Wha... See More

How to set risk management?

When you drag and drop the Telegram Signal Copier in the chart, the EA settings window will open. You have to set your own risk management in forex trading. There are several... See More

Is it possible move SL to entry other TPs when TP1 hits?

Are you looking for an option in the trade copier where trade will move SL to entry when TP 1 hits on a multiple TP trade? If yes, then you are in the right place! Our Telegr... See More

Can I set how much I want to close on the partial close update?

Yes, you can set your targeted partial close in the telegram signal copier on the partial close update of your signal provider. While trading in forex, it is important to sec... See More

How to set my targeted pips to close half trade & move SL to entry?

If you are looking for an option where you can set your targeted pips to close half the trades and move SL to entry in the telegram signal copier, then, you are in the right ... See More

Can I set my predefine SL & TP pips in TSC?

Yes, you can set your predefine SL & TP pips in the telegram signal copier. How? Let’s see then! While trading, some traders prefer to take the signal with the entr... See More

How to set predefined SL & TP pips in TSC if not provided?

It is possible to set predefined SL and TP pips amount on a signal if the signal provider does not provide it, and you can set it by following a few steps. Sometimes, you wil... See More