Yes, you can set multiple strategies for per channel in telegram to mt4/5 copier.

There are many traders who want to trade differently with different channels. Suppose one trader wants to take 0.01 lot size or 2% risk with one channel’s signals but again he/she wants to take 0.02 lot size or 3% risk percentage with another channel’s signals. There could be other factors too. In this case, what a trader needs to do if he/she is using our telegram signal copier? Easy solution! You just need to set up the EA of the copier by following the steps mentioned below.

How to set multiple strategies per channel in trade copier?

First, open your telegram signal copier. Add your mt4/5 account number. Here I just added one account. You can add accounts according to your subscription plan. Then-

  • Click on the account number/s
  • After that, select your preferred channels to be copied
  • Click on Save Channel
  • Lastly, you will see the channel List numbers. Keep them aside.

As you can see, I have selected two channels. So, I got two channel numbers here. (See the image below)

Now, open your MT4/5 trading platform. Drag the EA to any chart you want.

Then, copy one of the channel list numbers and paste it into the Put channel section and click OK. (See the image below)

Now, open another chart on your MT4/5 and go through the same process mentioned before.

And it is done!

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