Yes, it is possible to set a fixed lot size for multiple TP in Telegram Signal Copier. How! Let’s see!

Many traders want to take multiple TPs with a fixed lot size. And, considering that desire of our clients, we have brought an exceptional option in our telegram trade copier where traders can easily set a lot size which is fixed for TPs. Here, we will show how to set a fixed size for lot for TPs in telegram trading copier step by step. Bear with us to the end!

How to set a fixed lot size for multiple TP in Telegram Signal Copier?

First, open the EA on the Metatrader application by clicking double on the cap/smiley face top right of the corner. (See the image)

MetaTrader 5

After clicking double on the cap, the EA will appear on the screen like this. (See the image below)


After that, select Split lot/risk equally section and make it from true to false. (See the image below)

Split lot/risk

Then, enter your desire lot size in the section of Lots TP1, Lots TP2 and Lots TP3. (See the image below)

Lot TPs

Now, make sure that you have turned Risk factor TP1, Risk factor TP2, Risk factor TP3 into 0. (See the image below)

Risk Factor TPs

Final part! Make sure you have clicked OK. Otherwise, all of the settings will not be saved! (See the image below)

Finally, you have done the setting of fixed lot size for TPs in the telegram signal copier!

Point to be noted: Suppose you are using a fixed lot like 0.01 for three TPs; it means you are taking 0.03 lot size in total. So, make sure, your trading balance is that enough to allow you to take 0.03 lot size.

If you use fixed risk percentage, you can also set a fixed risk percentage for multiple TP too!