Are you looking for an option in the trade copier where trade will move SL to entry when TP 1 hits on a multiple TP trade? If yes, then you are in the right place!

Our Telegram signal copier has a unique option where you can move stop loss price to the entry price after hitting the first TP of a multiple TP trade. Let’s see how to set it up in the telegram copier!

How to set move SL to entry when TP 1 hits on a multiple TP trade?

First, open the EA on the Metatrader application by clicking double on the cap/smiley face top right of the corner. (See the image)

After clicking double on the cap/smiley face, the EA of the telegram copier will appear on the screen like this. (See the image below)

Then, scroll down and you will find Use trailing Stop TP in the EA. Make it true. Thus, you are allowing your copier to move the stop loss to the entry price when trade hits the first TP.

Last of all, make sure that you have clicked OK. Otherwise, all of the settings will not be saved! (See the image below)

And it’s done. Enjoy your trading with 10 days for a $5 package of telegram signal copier.