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Automate Signal Execution from Your Favorite Telegram Channels & Groups Directly to MT4/MT5/cTrader/DXTrade/TradeLocker

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Save Time

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Trade Anytime, Anywhere:

Trade in any session, regardless of your geo-location.

Save Time:

No need to spend hours in front of your trading setup. Avoid complex calculations, enabling quick market entries at the best prices.

Stay in Control:

Customize settings to match your risk tolerance and trading preferences.


6 Ways Telegram Signal Copier Can
Boost Your Profit

Lot Management

SL-TP Management

Spread Calculation

Advance Managment

Trailing SL-TP

Time Filter

1. Lot Management

You can set both fixed or money amount or risk percentage lot sizes for each TP. Also, you can set the Special lot size of your favorite pair.

2. Advance SL-TP Management

You can choose to follow SL-TP from the signal provider or you can set your own SL-TP for each trade. Also, you can set your own SL-TP if the provider forgot to set SL-TP. You have full control over your trades.

3. Calculate Spread in Both SL-TP

Dynamic spread settings can help you to calculate the spread and adjust the SL-TP, so you can get the results like your signal provider.

4. Advance Trade Management

Advance trade management you can force to market price, Ignore signals if signals have no SL-TP, read edit messages, and have lots of functionality.

5. Auto Move SL After hitting the 1st TP

Move SL of the TP2 & TP3 to the TP1 entry price when TP1 hits. And TP3 SL to TP1 when TP2 hits.

6. Time Managment

You can set the time filter to choose when the copier operates and when it does not.

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39 $ 29 /month
SAVE 25%

1 MT4/MT5/cTrader


Unlimited Signals

Unlimited Channel

Unlimited Group

24/7 Support

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149 $ 89 /lifetime
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1 MT4/MT5/cTrader


Unlimited Signals

Unlimited Channel

Unlimited Group

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Unlimited Signals

Unlimited Channel

Unlimited Group

24/7 Support

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Why Telegram Signal Copier is the
Ultimate Choice for You

Fast Executions

Benefit from ultra-fast trade executions, ensuring you get the best possible entry and exit points for optimal performance.

Any Format & Language

Easily interpret signals in any format or language, making it simple to use with a wide variety of signal providers.

Image Recognition

Decode and execute trades from image-based signals, enhancing compatibility with diverse signal sources.

Channel & Group

Access signals from both channels and groups, maximizing opportunities and flexibility in your trading strategy.

Bypass Copy Restrictions

Overcome limitations in channels with copy restrictions, ensuring seamless signal copying for trading.

Custom Strategies per Channel

Tailor unique strategies for each channel or group, optimizing performance and personalizing your trading experience.

Prop Firm Stealth Execution

Optimize discretion in prop firms with delay and precise pip adjustments for entry, SL, and TP, ensuring unique trades.

Reverse Signal

Inverts trade direction and adjusts SL and TP when activated, ideal for contrarian strategies against the original provider's signal.

Trailing SL/TP Adjustment

Integrates trailing stop with adjustable start, step, and distance, plus dynamic TP adjustment to optimize profit capture as market evolves.

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I joined recently and had no clue what


I must say this company is absolutely top-notch! The TSC support team is super helpful and really excited to solve all of my issues. What's more, they follow up the next day to ensure everything's running well! As for the Telegram trade copier itself, it's impressively smooth. It instantly executes telegram signals from telegram to mt4.


Super fast and accurate Signal

Darlene McNaughton

I have been looking for a good telegram copier for a long since. After seeing so many telegram forex copier reviews, I contact the customer service support team. I am completely satisfied with their service and their forex copier signals. These are super fast and accurate.


Amazing Customer Support

Adankwo Chikanma

Who doesn’t want a good telegram to mt4 copier? Amazing Customer Support and impressive features! Undoubtedly it is the best Forex telegram copier. I hope those who are interested in the telegram copy trade will amazed by TSc’s tons of customization options.


The copier is an amazing tool


This Forex telegram copier is truly amazing, so advanced and organized. I get everything I want. Now I instantly get telegram signals from telegram to MetaTrader. The team at TSC is not only very competent, but they are also very helpful, kind, and patient. They always respond immediately to fix all my issues related to telegram copy.


Immediately grab the opportunity🤩


First I wanted to get telegram to mt4 copier free. Then they offer me to get a 10-day trial for $5 to test it out. I immediately grab the opportunity. Surprisingly I got far more than I expected. So I have purchased their premium subscription for telegram to mt4 trade copier.


My experience with Telegram Signal Copier

D.J. Jaymob

My experience with Telegram Signal Copier has been nothing short of excellent. This company stands out due to its seamless telegram mt4 copier integration, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance. From the moment I started using their copy trading telegram service, I felt a significant improvement in my overall telegram signal trading journey.


The best telegram copier out there

Ibrahim Hussain

I really like this telegram signal trading service. Just got this set up now from a lovely gentleman called Kevin. He was really helpful in answering my questions that I had. If you want a copy trading telegram bot, go for TSC. I hope you won’t be disappointed with their telegram mt4 copier


5 stars Customer Support🤩

Chic Beauty Glow

I reached out to the support team for telegram to mt4 trade copier and they guided me step by step through the telegram signal trading process, and in the end, they were able to solve my issue of integration mql5 telegram to mt4. I'm very happy with the support I got. Now I can trust the support team will get me covered🤩🤝

Top 5 FAQs on
Telegram Signal Copier

First, set up your TSC profile with your Telegram number on the TSC portal. Then, install the TSC app on your Windows PC/VPS by following our tutorial videos. Install & run the TSC EA in your MT4/MT5. Add your signal provider’s telegram channel ID to the EA to connect.

Yes, you can use TSC with all forex brokers if they support platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, DxTrade, and TradeLocker. You can use TSC with your prop firm if they allow using copiers or EAs.

Yes, you can set up TSC in a Windows VPS and use your smartphone to monitor its activities.

Yes, you must keep running your PC to ensure copy trading telegram. To avoid that, we recommend using VPS

It is recommended to use Windows VPS

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Your satisfaction is our priority, and our dedicated 24/7 support team is always ready to help. Don't miss out on this game-changing tool for traders of all levels. Get started today!