After completing the subscription process of TSC telegram trade copier the user will have access to their personal account on the TelegramSignalCopier panel.

First, go to the My Downloads section from the side menu. In my downloads, you can see two versions of TSC.

One is for 64 bits operating system and another is for 32 bit operating system. If you don’t have an idea about this then simply check the properties of your PC and your system type.

About PC

It will take you to GOOGLE DRIVE, where you will see three files

  1. Image or Text Signals
  2. Text Signals
Telegram Signal Copier Setup

Image or text signals are for those who want to copy Image signals as well as text signals. Otherwise, you should download the Text Signals File.

You can download all the files in one go from here, then click download anyway. Then get back to your TSC dashboard.

P.S: If you don’t have an idea about your OS version then simply check the properties of your PC and check your system type. 👊


License Creation Guide | TSC Trade Copier

  1. Once the download is complete, you will see two files: 1. Telegram Signal Copier exe and 2. TSCEA ex4.
  2. Then, from the side menu in the dashboard, select “my profile“. From here, you can edit your profile.
  3. Click update profile and enter your Telegram number, plus the country code. Now you can see that number has been added here.
  4. This page also shows the status of your license. Go to the section for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. You need to add your MT4/MT5 accounts here.
  5. Enter your account number here and click “add account“.
Telegram Signal Copier Setup


TSC Software Installation | TSC Trade Copier

  1. Double click the TSC icon on the desktop. Choose your preferred language here.
Double click the TSC icon on the desktop

2. Make sure “create shortcut” box is checked here. Then, click next and install. (Installation takes a few seconds)

Telegram Signal Copier Set Up

Now, launch the shortcut you installed earlier. Insert the Telegram number using + and country code.

Telegram Signal Copier Set Up

3. When you click on connect, telegram will now send you a code. Enter it and click submit.

After that, insert the MT4 numbers from your dashboard. on the first box.

Telegram Signal Copier Setup

4. Here you can see a list of all the channels you’ve joined.

Select the channel that you want to connect to the telegram trade copier and press the Save Channel button.

A window will pop up with some numbers (These are the channel IDs). Simply copy and paste it into a clipboard. In the next steps, you will need this for setting up the copier’s input


TSC EA Activation | TSC Trade Copier

  1. Double-click the MT4 or MT5 TSC EA file according to your preference and select NEXT.
  2. Afterward, click the INSTALL button.
  3. Return to Metatrader and click the Navigator panel on the left side. Refresh the Expert Advisor and you’ll see the TSC EA.

You can now launch the copier by dragging it onto the chart. You’ll see a window pop up. Then, click on the input option and enter the IDs in the Put Channels. If you can see this smiley here, it means the copier is connected. Alternatively, you can check the experts tab at the bottom of your Meta Trader. If you see a licensed message here, that means the copier setup is done and the copier is connected.

You can check our video tutorial to understand more properly-