A Powerful, All-in-one Telegram Signal Copier

One compact solution can delight your forex journey and fuel your profit.


Designed to work in harmony with our expert advisor and maximize successful order placement on your MetaTrader platform.

Any Format & Language

Easily interpret signals in any format or language, making it simple to use with a wide variety of signal providers.

Private/Public Groups & Channels

Trade from private/public channels & groups, expanding signal opportunities for better results.

Image Recognition

Decode and execute trades from image-based signals, enhancing compatibility with diverse signal sources.

Bypass Copy Restrictions

Overcome limitations in channels with copy restrictions, ensuring seamless signal copying for trading.


Experience the powerful features of our expert advisor, tailored to work seamlessly with Telegram Signal Copier and execute trades with precision on your MetaTrader platform.

Any Order Type

Adapt to various trading strategies with the flexibility to execute market, limit, stop, and other order types.

Any Type of Pair

Access a wide range of assets including Forex, indices, synthetic indices, crypto, stocks, and metals to diversify your trading portfolio.

Custom Strategies per Channel

Tailor unique strategies for each channel or group, optimizing performance and personalizing your trading experience.

Fixed Lot Size

Set fixed lot sizes for TP1, TP2, and TP3 to suit your strategy. you can also ignore specific TPs, giving you tailored control over your trades for improved profit potential.

Dynamic Lot Size

Set your preferred risk percentage for TP1, TP2, and TP3 for dynamic lot size calculation, ensuring optimized risk management.

Lot & Risk Customization

Activate the Split Lot/Risk Equally option to evenly distribute lot size or risk among TPs, customize lot sizes for different pairs with the Special Lots feature, optimizing trade execution based on your preferences.

Multi-Trade Options

Customize the number of trades to execute for each take profit (TP) level. Select the desired amount of trades for TP1, TP2, and TP3 to match your trading style and improve profit potential.

SL/TP Override Mode

Customize your Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) to suit your preferences and override those provided by your signal provider, ensuring optimal risk management.

Optimized SL Management

Select from "Move SL to Entry" or "Move SL & Close Half" to control risk. Adjust settings to auto-move SL and close half after reaching desired pips.

Trailing Stop TP

Activate Trailing Stop for TPs and auto-adjust SL: Move SL of TP2 & TP3 to TP1 entry price when TP1 hits, and move TP3 SL to TP1 when TP2 hits, locking in profits and securing gains.

Smart Profit Lock

Set your preferred percentage to close a portion of TP2 and TP3 positions after TP1 hits, ensuring partial profits are locked in.

Trailing Stop Functionality

Implement trailing stop features with a customizable trailing start, step, and distance from the current price.

Breakeven & Close Management

Set breakeven pips to save on commission and ensure accurate SL. Customize lot percentages for partial and half-close updates from providers, optimizing trade closures.

Ignore Trades Without SL-TP

Easily filter out trade signals that do not include a Stop Loss (SL) or Take Profit (TP) level by enabling this option.

Calculation Spread in SL/TP

Optionally calculate the spread when a signal is received and add it to the Stop Loss (SL), Take Profit (TP), enabling more profitability matching your provider's results.

Selective Symbol Execution

Choose specific pairs to trade (e.g. XAUUSD, NAS100) or exclude unwanted pairs for a customized trading experience.

Symbols Mapping & Prefix/Suffix

This feature enables you to customize your trading by mapping pairs to the correct symbols, ensuring accuracy and preventing errors in execution.

Force Market Execution

Enables the option to always execute trades at the current market price, even if the signal provider price doesn't match the market price.

Channel Updates

Easily manage trades with updates like setting SL/TP, moving SL to entry, closing half/full/partial positions, and reentering trades.

Edit Updates

Automatically adjusts orders if the signal provider edits the message, ensuring up-to-date trade information.

Trade Filter Customization

Manage open orders and multi-trades with options like "Not Allowed," "Hedge Only," or "Allowed." Choose "All Time" or "Today" for same pair checks to avoid duplicates, optimizing your strategy.

Time Filter Control

Enable or disable specific trading hours for the copier, allowing you to optimize trading performance and adjust to your schedule.

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