It is very easy to set the symbol settings in Telegram Signal Copier. Let’s see how to set Symbols section in TSC forex trade copier EA.

First, drag your TSC EA onto a chart and when the EA setup window opens, navigate to symbols section.

Symbol Prefix

Symbol prefix is any symbols or alphabets that is located in front of a trade pair.

For example, if in your broker if all the currencies start like this – #AUDUSD, #USDCAD or a.AUDUSD, a.USDCAD and so on. Just put # or a. or whichever symbol/alphabet is in front of your broker pairs in the prefix section of your TSC forex trade copier.

forex trade copier TSC

Symbol Suffix

Symbol suffix is any symbols or alphabets that is located at the end of a trade pair.

For example, if in your broker, all the currencies start like this – AUDUSD#, USDCAD# or AUDUSDn, USDCAD.a and so on. Just put # or a. or n or .cash In the suffix section.

Symbols Mapping

When our given symbol name and your brokers symbol name do not match, then you need to do the symbol mapping.

This mapping is required only when there is a difference in the symbol name, otherwise do not do the mapping. This mapping is mostly needed for Indices, commodities and crypto trade pairs which can have different names under different brokers.

For example, your broker has US100 but your signal provider sends the signal as NAS100. So you have to map this symbol like-

Signal Provider’s Pair Name : Your Broker’s Pair Name = NAS100:US100 (must include a colon : symbol in between)

If the broker has suffix or prefix then kindly use them too such as

NAS100:US100Cash or NAS100:US100#

For multiple pair mapping example, you will have to use comma in between the symbol mapping section like-

NAS100:US100Cash,US30:DJ30,GER30:DE30 etc.

Excluded Symbols

If you do not want to trade, you can add those trade pairs in EXCLUDE section.

For example if you do not want to trade GOLD (XAUUSD), just input it in this section. If your broker has XAUUSD put only XAUUSD If your broker has XAUUSD+ then put XAUUSD+ If your broker has GOLD then put only GOLD If your broker has GOLD# then put GOLD#

Note: Symbol suffix and prefix don’t apply while excluding symbols so rather just using the symbol name use with the suffix and prefix if you have and if you don’t have any suffix or prefix then just put the symbol name as it is.