We have already talked about How to fix no pair issue in Telegram Signal Copier here. Now, we will show here How to fix unknown symbol issue in Telegram Signal Copier.

Symbol mapping to fix unknown symbol issue

What is symbol mapping?

Symbol mapping refers to the option of the EA where you can map the signal symbols of your broker and signal providers together. For example, your signal provider uses NAS100 whereas your broker uses US100 for this same signal. So, you can map those symbols together in the symbol mapping option.

Why do I need to do symbol mapping to fix unknown symbol issue?

When your signal provider’s symbol name and you broker’s symbol name do not match, you need to do symbol mapping so that the telegram trade copier can execute the signal. Otherwise, the telegram trade copier will refer the signal as ‘Unknown symbol’ in the expert section.

Suppose your signal provider has sent a signal called GOLD but your broker refers this signal as XAUUSD. So, you can see that there is a difference between two names. In this case, telegram signal copier will not be able execute GOLD signal because it will not be able to find any signal called GOLD in your broker’s signal list and it will refer the signal as ‘Unknown symbol’ in the expert section.

How to map symbols to fix unknown symbol issue?

It’s not a big deal to map the symbol to fix unknown symbol issue. You can do it by yourself! Let me show how step by step.

Tips: Before starting the process, let me clear one thing. If you face ‘no pair’ issue in your trade copier, add the pair in the config file.

Suppose your signal provider has sent gold buy signal but in the trade copier, the signal hasn’t been executed. Look, in the expert section, it is saying that ‘Unknown symbol‘. Why?

Because your broker uses XAUUSD symbol. You will find the list of symbols of your broker on your mt4/5 platform.

Then, what to do?

First, click on the ‘cap’ double (See the image)

Then, you will see the EA popped up on your screen. Type GOLD:XAUUSD and click on ‘OK’. (See the image)

Now, see! when gold buy signal is sent again, the trade copier has executed the signal.

Wasn’t it that easy!

Still not working after following the previous steps?

It’s happening because you haven’t added suffix/prefix in the EA of the copier. Some of the brokers have suffix/prefix with the symbols. Like this! (see the image)

Suffix with the symbol

What to do then?

Suppose your broker uses suffix- m like the above image. Just input the m in the suffix section of the EA, shown below.


If your broker has XAUUSDm symbol and your signal provider sends GOLD signal, you need to do symbol mapping like this- GOLD:XAUUSDm

Point to be noted: There is no need for symbol mapping with the suffix/prefix if your broker’s symbol and your signal provider’s symbol matches with each other!

And it’s done! Enjoy your trading with Telegram Signal Copier!