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Are you tired of sitting all day staring at your trades? When you are following trading signals, it’s quite difficult to keep track of all those trades. You always need to worry about how your losses can be minimum and you can make good profit. Right? This is where custom trailing stop comes handy!

Why worry about how you can make most of your profits when Telegram Signal Copier is here for you. 😎

Introducing our amazing trailing stop for take profit feature! It’s a custom trailing stop feature made only for take profit. Let’s dive into the details and a sneak peek how this feature can transform your trading experience. Shall we?

What Is Trailing Stop?

If you are new to the term of custom trailing stop, first let’s simply understand what a trailing stop is and how you can use it to make profit.

A trailing stop is a type of order used in trading that automatically adjusts the stop-loss level as the market price of an asset moves in a favorable direction. It helps protect profits by allowing the stop-loss order to move up (in case of a long position/buy order) or down (in case of a short position/sell order) with the increasing market price.

For example,

Let’s say you’re trading the EURUSD currency pair, and you set a trailing stop of 20 pips for BUY order. So, your entry price is at 1.2000, your initial stop-loss order is at 1.1980.

custom trailing stop

Now, as the market price of EURUSD increases, let’s say it reaches 1.2050. With a trailing stop of 20 pips, your stop-loss order would automatically adjust to 1.2030 (20 pips below 1.2050). This means that if the price starts to reverse and drops back 20 pips from its highest point, your trailing stop would be triggered, protecting your profits.

The trailing stop allows traders to benefit from upward price movements while minimizing the risk of significant losses in case the price reverses. It provides a dynamic and automated approach to risk management, giving traders the opportunity to capture more substantial profits as the market moves in their favor.

Custom Trailing Stop for Take-Profit

You might have even heard about custom trailing stop loss but what is custom trailing stop for take profit?

If your signal provider has multiple take-profits, with this feature turned on, the stop-loss of TP2 and TP3 will be moved to entry price automatically. After that, when your TP2 hits, the stop-loss of TP3 will be moved to TP1 price automatically.

How Does This Work?

In this insightful blog, we unveil a game-changing technique to enhance your trading strategy and maximise your profits. Introducing the Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) strategy, we guide you on a journey of making and securing profits in a dynamic and automated manner.

Now, you may be thinking how custom trailing stop for take profit feature works. Let’s jot it down. 

Trailing Stop for TPs:

When TP1 hits, Trailing Stop Loss will swiftly move the stop loss of TP2 and TP3 to the entry price, safeguarding your gains and minimising risks.

Furthermore, Telegram Signal Copier takes it a step further by closing a portion of profit from TP2 and TP3, ensuring that you optimise your returns while minimising potential losses.

This entire process will be automated, so you won’t have to sit all day and stare at the monitor.

Auto adjust SL:

With our powerful Telegram Signal Copier, take your trading strategy to the next level by automating your profit taking strategy and securing gains effortlessly.

When TP1 is hit, the copier seamlessly moves the stop-loss of TP2 to the entry price. This ensures your profits.

Furthermore, when TP2 is reached, the copier automatically adjusts the stop-loss of TP3 to the price of TP1. This will help maximising gains and minimising risks.

Say goodbye to manual monitoring and embrace worry-free trading with this intelligent solution. Discover the benefits of automated stop-loss and take profit management. You can streamline your trading process for optimal results.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your trading performance.

Close Profit in All Scenarios:

Additionally, Telegram Signal Copier can also help you secure your profits from running TP2 and TP3 trades. Here’s how-

You just need to enter the percentage amount of profit that you want to secure from TP2 and TP3 in the Smart Profit Lock option. When Telegram Signal Copier detects TP1 is reached, it will then automatically secure your selected amount of profit.

This intelligent automation optimises your profits and takes your trading experience to new heights.

How This Feature Helps You?

In a fast-paced trading environment, staying constantly cautious and monitoring every market movement can be a daunting task. But with our advanced copier system, you can bid farewell to the stress of manual supervision. Our copier empowers traders with a fully automated process that ensures profits are secured without constant monitoring.

You can make money on the go with Telegram Signal Copier. 😌

Why Choose Telegram Signal Copier?

So, why should you choose our copier over the multiple options available in the market? Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Maximize Profits: Our copier incorporates several features just like the trailing stop feature that will only help you to maximise your gains. We are a working tirelessly on features that will help you automate your forex trading journey.
  • Thoroughly Automated: Say goodbye to endless manual adjustments and tedious monitoring. Our Telegram Signal Copier takes care of the entire process for you. From adjusting stop-loss levels to securing profits, everything is handled seamlessly and efficiently. This frees up your time and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your trading strategy.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We understand the importance of a user-friendly experience. Our copier is designed with simplicity in mind. We strive to ensure that even novice traders can easily navigate and utilise its powerful features. Enjoy a hassle-free trading experience as our copier streamlines the process for you.
  • Time-Efficient: Trading requires precision and efficiency. Our copier respects your time and eliminates the need for constant monitoring. With the automated profit-securing functionality, you can trust that your gains are being safeguarded while you attend to other priorities. Let our copier take care of the time-consuming tasks, allowing you to trade with peace of mind.


Are you ready to level up your trading game and enjoy hassle-free trading? Take advantage of our exclusive 10-day trial option, available for just $5. This trial period gives you the opportunity to explore the unique features of our Telegram Signal Copier, including the Trailing Stop TP function. With no long-term obligation, you can experience the benefits firsthand and witness the transformative impact on your trading results.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the trial period. Our dedicated support team of heroes is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. We are here to ensure your trading journey is smooth and successful.

Don’t let manual supervision hold you back. Embrace the power of automated profit-securing with our Telegram Signal Copier. Start your journey towards hassle-free trading today and unlock the true potential of your investments. Happy trading!

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