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How to Choose the Best VPS for Signal Copier?

Hello there, forex copy traders! Whether you are looking for a good VPS or feeling left out because you can’t use the Telegram Signal Copier on your Mac? Well, no worries, because we’ve got the perfect solution that’ll solve most of your problems.

As a MAC user, you may not have access to Telegram Signal Copier, but that won’t stop you from using our software. As we have said to thousands of traders reaching out to us, the solution is start using a VPS! This will not only let you use our incredible TSC signal copier but also make the process super smooth and faster. It’s what we recommend to all of our premium users.

What is a VPS?

VPS is Virtual Private Server. Simply it’s like having your own windows-based PC (Personal Computer) in the cloud. This powerful tool enables you to use all the applications without worrying about computer limitations. Sounds like a legit one, right? Now you may be wondering if it will be super complicated and expensive. Not At All!
We are here to answer your questions & help you choose the perfect VPS for your Telegram signal copier.

Why do we recommend using a good VPS?

The Telegram Signal Copier (TSC) is compatible with all operating systems. However, for Mac OS or LINUX-based systems, using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) is recommended to run TSC signal copier smoothly.

TSC copier helps you copy forex signals from Telegram to MT4 and MT5 platforms. Opting for a VPS ensures hands-free access and reduced downtime compared to using your personal computer. Installation of Telegram Signal Copier is quick and straightforward on both Windows OS and VPS. Check How to install TSC on VPS? – Telegram Signal Copier

Additionally with a regular PC, you are limited by its hardware, and you have to keep them running 24/7 which can be really daunting sometimes. But VPS, it’s your real dedicated virtual machine in the cloud that’s more reliable than a physical computer.

How to choose the best VPS for Telegram Signal Copier?

Picking the right VPS host is as important as an outstanding trade as you will be investing your money and trust to run the signal copier smoothly. Just look for these key factors and if they meet the requirements, you are good to go.

  • Flexibility of Hosting Plan: Who doesn’t want flexibility with a hosting plan? As your trading skills level up from time to time, you may need to switch loads of things. Pick a provider who lets you easily adjust your plans without tantrums.
  • Location: For ultimate speed, try to get a VPS as close as possible to your broker’s server, like in the same data center. It’ll help your site be lightning-quick and responsive.
  • Speed: Believe it or not, in this fast paced world of trading, speed is everything. You don’t want to miss trades or delay trades that will cost you a fortune (serious cash) for a slow, laggy server, right? So, definitely choose a VPS with good speed.
  • Latency: And if we now talk about speed, latency is a public enemy for traders. You will want a VPS provider who delivers lightning-fast speed under 1 nanosecond. High latency can seriously mess with your profit making. 
  • Bandwidth: While we are in need of speed, don’t skip bandwidth. A big fat pipe of at least 1GB/s will only ensure low latency trades keep firing.
  • Server Uptime: You possibly want a provider who is always up and running like 99.9% or higher (maybe 100, obviously). If the server is down, you will miss out on major trading opportunities.
  • Cost: We all want to save money but that doesn’t mean we will be going for the cheapest VPS option out there. Certainly, a good VPS will be a little more expensive. Because with an active customer support, added security and user experience, you get the assurance of utmost reliability. But this cost is not so high up that you cannot afford it. A good VPS can start from $10-$15/month depending on the value they provide it can go up to $25-$30.
  • Managed or Unmanaged: This option totally goes up to you. Quick heads up: One is like having a personal trading assistant and another is going solo. Managed VPS enables you to leave all the technical backend work for the provider. But if you are tech savvy, then the unmanaged plan gives you total control over. Choice is yours.
  • Backup: What is the worst nightmare for a trader? Undoubtedly the loss of data is number one. A legit VPS provider should have frequent backups, easy restores and all the good stuff to keep your precious data safe.
  • Security: Like previously mentioned, security is where VPS shines. And given all that money on the server, the security needs to be top-notch. Your VPS provider should have the latest security weapons like: 

    ◾Network Monitoring;
    ◾DDoS Protection.
  • Customer Support: Who doesn’t want a dedicated team of superheroes that will solve your problems in a jiffy? Search for a VPS provider who got your back 24/7, 365 days a year. Also check if they have support channels like live chat, email or phone when you need them to solve your queries or problems.
  • Reviews: Before commitment, look for the reviews of what others are saying about. Their honest reviews can be cherry on top.
  • Storage: Last but not the least, make sure your provider is allocating a nice storage space. Make sure to calculate your current and future data so you don’t run out of virtual real estate.

Look for a VPS host that ticks all these boxes (or most of the boxes). It surely will take a lot to research, but can anyone deny that finding the perfect provider will be an absolute game changer for your trading journey? Trust us, it’s worth the effort.

We recommend using ForexVPS. It’s high performing trading VPS that will definitely keep Telegram Signal Copier running smoothly. You can purchase ForexVPS from here!

Final word

We always recommend using a good VPS with Telegram Signal Copier. It’s legit 100% hands off experience. You really do not have to lift a finger once the VPS is set. The signals just keep on copying while you go about your day.

The best part? You can literally access and monitor your VPS from anywhere, anytime. Whether at your work desk or on the beach. Just open your mobile app and check whenever you want. Have more questions on Telegram signal copier? Contact us.

Last but not least, combining a VPS with Telegram Signal Copier is an absolute no brainer. It’s hassle free, convenient and works 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about anything. So, what’s not to love?

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