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Telegram Signal Copier vs Telegram Trade Copier

In this blog, we will compare and review both Telegram Signal Copier and Telegram Trade Copier extensively. We will share all the updated features of Telegram Signal Copier and compare it with another signal copier in the market. Let’s start.

Telegram Signal Copier:

Telegram Signal Copier is one of the most efficient telegram copier. With the freedom to copy telegram signal from unlimited telegram signal channels or groups at only $39, anyone can start copy trading at an affordable price.

Telegram signal copier offers multiple options for your risk management. Let’s list them down below.

Fixed Lot Size: The basic fixed lot settings for your signal take profit (up to TP 5). You can use the split lot size option to equally split your set lot size amongst your multiple take profits.
Additionally, you have the option to ignore any take profit from your signal. This provides you a good amount of control over how you want to copy trades.

Dynamic Lot Size: With dynamic lot size, you are able to set risk percentage for your TP of signals. This will help you automatically adjust the lot size of your copy trades based on your account balance and the risk percentage you will set.

Just like the fixed lot size option, you can split risk percentage equally and ignore a take profit of your choice.

telegram copier
telegram signal copier
telegram trade copier
tsc copier

Efficiency is key, and Telegram Signal Copier excels in saving time by eliminating the need for prolonged monitoring. From lot management to advanced SL/TP settings, Telegram Signal Copier offers a comprehensive range of features-

Calculation Spread in SL/TP: TSC packs with the feature of automatically adjusting the spreads to the SL/TP of your telegram signals. Even if the SL-Tp of your signals are edited later on.

SL-TP Override Mode: This feature lets you ignore the SL/TP or both of your signal provider, and set your own SL-TP.

Ignore Trades: TSC also lets you ignore unwanted trades. The reason can be anything. May be your signal channel doesn’t provide SL-TP for some trades, maybe they are bad at trading GBPJPY. You can ignore them with TSC copier easily to secure your balance.

Edited Signals/Copy restrictions: This telegram copier can copy updates of SL-TP from edited messages. So, if you have a telegram channel who edits their SL-TP later, TSC can easily copy that too.
Plus, there are several channels that has copy restrictions. TSC can easily bypass that restriction and copy signals. You can find out all the features offered by Telegram Signal Copier from Features Section.

Telegram Trade Copier:

Telegram Trade Copier is a lifetime-licensed software supporting unlimited Telegram channels across forex, crypto and commodities. Here are some key features-

  • Telegram Trade Copier’s key features include trailing stops, multiple take-profits and risk-adjusted lot sizes.
  • Users can set trailing stops and break-even with Telegram Trade Copier.
  • It also offers ability to set lot sizes based on risk exposure and fixed lot.
  • Additionally, TTC offers a free 2-week trial, followed by a $40 monthly option and a $200 lifetime package.


Telegram Signal Copier

Telegram Trade Copier

Telegram Signal Copier has a faster installation process Telegram Trade Copier installation process has bugs and takes a lot of your time to install the file.
Telegram Signal Copier packs in with IMAGE RECOGNITION feature so you can also copy signal from images. Telegram trade copier does not have such feature available
Copy trading signals to your MT4/MT5 within 1-2 seconds Copy trading signals is relatively slower than TSC
Recognizes and copies any message format. No need to modify signals. Plus, you have options to ignore signals based on keyword selection You are able to copy all signal format
Flexible customization of trade settings like lot size settings where you can choose which TP to copy or ignore, able to split lot/risk percentage equally Fixed lot & Dynamic Lot option available
TSC Copier offers the ability to set your own SL-TP for your signal channels. And you can also choose to ignore signals without SL-TP to make sure you are trading with discipline Telegram trade copier does not have that functionality
Affordable pricing starts from just $39 for a monthly subscription. Pricing starts from $40 for 1 monthfor in demo account. $200 for lifetime + real account
TSC Copier has several options for you to customize trailing SL, Trailing TP or even set a pip amount to hit breakeven or move your TP after TP1 hits. Endless opportunities to go through Telegram trade copier only has trailing SL option for 3 TPs available.
TSC copier offers a 10 days trial option at $5 only where you will be able to test the entire functionality of tsc. No restrictions. Telegram trade copier offers free trial; however, they do not provide full functionality and the license of trial is unavailable
You can choose multiple strategy and set them individually for each channel You don’t get this option with Telegram signals copier
You can easily bypass copy trading rule of prop challenge with tsc copier delay option. Prop trading has never been easier Does not have this feature in telegram trade copier
24/7 Customer support via Telegram and email. Plus, we have integrated AI bot, so that no queries can get unheard. We are always there to provide you support 24/7 You will also get free installation with your purchase They do not have a responsive customer service in Telegram which is disappointing

Despite providing identical services in some areas TSC outshines TTC. Verdict?

It’s clear, Telegram Signal Copier is the undisputed champion. It’s faster, more adaptable, gives you more control, and helps you trade smarter. Plus, it’s more affordable and has 24/7 support. Its simplicity, fast execution, adaptability, and ginormous customization options and 24/7 support make it the ideal choice for copy traders.

Don’t settle for second best, choose Telegram Signal Copier and unlock the true potential of Telegram signals! Have questions? Contact Us.

Remember: Trading always involves risk. Do your research, choose responsible signal providers, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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