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Telegram Signal Copier vs. Telegram-Signals-Copier: Which is Better?

Telegram has become one of the most popular platforms for Forex signal providers to share their trading signals with subscribers. As a Forex trader, copying these signals quickly and accurately into your trading account is crucial to achieve the same results as the provider. And this is where telegram signal copy trading software comes in handy.

Two of the most popular options are Telegram Signal Copier (TSC) and TelegramSignalsCopier. However, you may be thinking which one is better for effortlessly copy trading signals from Telegram to your MetaTrader platform?

Well, you landed on the right place. In this detailed comparison guide, we will analyze the key features, pros and cons, pricing, and performance of Telegram Signal Copier vs TelegramSignalsCopier. Read on to find out which Telegram signal copy trading software best suits your needs as a Forex trader.

Telegram Signal Copier

Telegram Signals Copier

Telegram Signal Copier has a faster installation process Telegram Signals Copier has a more complicated installation process
Lightning-fast signal execution speed. Copy trading signals to your MT4/MT5 within 1-2 seconds Telegram Signals Copier is relatively slower, taking around 5-10 seconds
Recognizes and copies any message format. No need to modify signals. Automated copying of text and image signals from Telegram to MetaTrader
Flexible customization of trade settings like lot size, SL, TP, etc. We also have risk-lot-signal customizations available. To check all the features, go to our features section Customization are available but limited.
Affordable pricing starts from just $39 for a monthly subscription. Pricing starts from €28.14 for 1 monthfor 1 license.
Unlimited signal providers can be added for copy trading signals. It doesn’t limit copy trading based on the subscription plan They limit copy trading channels for their pro version.
Lifetime option for 3 trading accounts at only $199 Lifetime subscription for only 2 trading accounts is €280.46. It is a much higher cost without accessing the pro version of this copier
You can choose multiple strategy and set them individually for each channel You don’t get this option with Telegram signals copier
Customizable trade settings like lot size, SL, TP per signal provider. Browser-based access lets you manage settings without installing software.
24/7 customer support via Telegram and email. You will also get free installation with your purchase They do not have a responsive customer service in Telegram

Now let’s compare some of the key feature’s side-by-side to see which software comes out on top:

Set Up and Installation

TSC is much faster and easier to set up. Consecutively, you simply have to download the app, and log in t your telegram. After that, add your trading account number, and preferences. No extra effort required. And you can copy trading signals within minutes.

On the other hand, Telegram-Signals-Copier requires installing software on your PC and has a more complex set up process. You need to synchronize it with Telegram apps and MT4 accounts which can take up a lot of your time.

Guess The Winner: Yes, Telegram Signal Copier.

Signal Execution Speed 

TSC executes signals rapidly within 1-2 seconds from sending on Telegram to copy on MT4/MT5. This lightning-fast speed allows you to enter trades at the same time as the signal provider. On the contrary, Telegram-Signals-Copier is relatively slower, taking around 5-10 seconds on average to copy signals. This delay means you may miss out on good entries.

Winner? Yes, again TSC.

Customization Options

Each software allows customizing settings like trade size, SL, TP per signal provider. However, TSC offers far greater flexibility to customize every aspect of signal copying as per your needs.

For example, you can set different trade sizes per symbol, choose to close trades at a certain time daily, set a max daily loss amount, and more. However, Telegram-Signals-Copier has limited customization capability in comparison.

Winner: TSC.

Copy Trading Customization

A major advantage TSC has is the intelligent signal logic that recognizes any message format. So, if a signal is modified by the provider later, TSC will automatically update it on your MT4/MT5 account. Additionally, you can customize TSC according to your trading needs, and strategy. You can also select multiple trading strategies to individual channels.

How to set multiple strategies per channel in TSC? (

Nevertheless, with Telegram-Signals-Copier, if a signal is edited after sending, it does not make the change on your trading platform. This can result in incorrect SL/TP placement. Moreover, you will need to get their pro version with extra charge to get their pro version of copy trading.

So, any guesses on the Winner? ➡️ Telegram Signal Copier

Supported Platforms 

TSC only works with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. So, if you use anything other than MT4/MT5 like, cTrader or NinjaTrader, Telegram-Signals-Copier would be the better choice. Otherwise, TSC is recommended.

This time the winner is TelegramSignals-Copier

Customer Support

TSC provides excellent customer support through email, chat, and remote desktop access for troubleshooting. Support is available 24/7. They provide remote support through Anydesk for FREE.

Yes, you heard right. Their dedicated support heroes expertly solve your problems and try to help you with every possible way. Therefore, different time zones aren’t a factor is Telegram Signal Provider. Contact us for queries.

On the other hand, Telegram-Signals-Copier only provides email and chat support during business hours on weekdays. Access to support can be limited based on your time zone.

Clear Winner: Telegram Signal Copier


TSC clearly wins when it comes to affordability. Their pricing starts from just $39 per month and provides a lifetime deal. Not just that you can avail a 10-day trial period for only $5 with remote support and through chat support.

Furthermore, as the installation process is easy-peasy you can actually avail 10 days trial and start trading instantly. Telegram-Signals-Copier is significantly more expensive at €28.14 for 1 month license. Their lifetime two trading license costs a hefty €280.46/lifetime.

Winner: Telegram Signal Copier

And you can see the clear winner, right?

copy trading

The reasons why TSC scores over Telegram FX Copier are:

  • Much simpler and quicker to set up within minutes.
  • Ultra-fast signal execution speed of 1-2 seconds
  • Widely customizable trade settings and preferences 
  • Intelligent signal logic copies any message format or edits.
  • Works flawlessly with MetaTrader 4 & 5 platforms.
  • Affordable pricing and lifetime deal available.
  • 24/7 customer support via remote access.

Though only advantage Telegraph Signals Copier has over TSC is compatibility with platforms like cTrader and NinjaTrader. Based on this detailed comparison, Telegram Signal Copier is the Better Choice for Copy Trading for Most Traders.

In conclusion, for anyone using MT4/MT5 for Forex trading, Telegram Signal Copier is undoubtedly the better choice of software for effortlessly copying Telegram signals. From easy set up to lightning-fast execution and great customization options, TSC provides the complete package.

In summary, Telegram Signal Copier beats TelegramSignalsCopier hands down for Forex traders. If you are still manually entering trades from Telegram signal channels, TSC automates the entire process seamlessly. It is truly a game changer that eliminates the hassle of copying signals while giving you split-second order execution. This allows you to profit from your signal providers to the fullest potential.

So, whaccha waitin’ for?

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