Yes, you can easily set any one of your take profit targets from your forex signal provider. If your forex signal provider sends multiple TPs, and you want to take only TP2 or TP3, or even only TP1, ignoring the others, here is how to do that!

If you are using FIXED LOT settings

  1. Select the TP or TPs that you want to ignore. (Here’s an example of ignoring only tp 2 but allowing tp1 and tp3)
  2. Input -1 in that lot TP2 space &
  3. Input the preferred lot size in the TP1 and TP3 you want to take.
take profit forex

That’s it, you are good to go!

If you are using RISK PERCENTAGE settings

  1. Choose which TP you want to ignore (Here’s an example of ignoring only tp1 /2 but allowing tp3 based on risk percentage)
  2. Set their lot TP settings to -1.
  3. Select the TP or TPs lot size that you want to keep and input 0
  4. Go to risk percentage settings.
  5. Input in your preferred risk percentage in your preferred TP space ( here we selected TP3 and input 0.01 as my percentage)

You must input -1 in the lot size TP area to ignore a certain TP, whether you are using RISK PERCENTAGE or LOT SIZE settings.

take profit forex

Moreover, you can also set the number of trades that you want to place trades with your chosen take profit forex signals. You will find a drop down menu right beside your lot size TP or Risk Percentage TP in the EA.

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