You can define your SL and TP in the telegram signal copier. You need to set the copier settings of the trade copier for it.

How to define SL & TP in the forex trade copier?

First, open your Telegram Signal Copier, and according to your subscription plan, add your mt4/5 account.

Then, click on the Copier Settings button, shown below.

You will see this kind of window pop up on your screen. It’s called Config Keyword.

Then, you will find Stop Loss and Take profit section. Different channels use different words for stop loss and take profit. To cope with the channel’s format, you need to set the words here which are used in the channels for referring stop loss and take profit. (See the image)

What if I have two or more words for SL and TP?

If your signal provider uses two or more words for stop loss and take profit, you need to enter the first word of the provided words in the copier settings.

Suppose your signal provider uses Stop Loss, you need to set the first word- Stop in the copier settings. It is not mandatory to put all the words in the section. We suggest keeping it minimal.

Last, of all, don’t forget to click on Save Configurations!

You can also define your entry price in the copier settings.