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How to Automate Trades from Telegram to cTrader?

One of the most widely used trading terminals in the world are Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5. Recently, MetaQuotes took an unexpected decision of banning all US traders from using MetaTrader platforms. 

Evidently, this step had a huge impact on all prop firms serving in the US. US based prop traders will be unable to access any prop firm challenges through MT4 or MT5. Fortunately, prop firms like FTMO, E8 funding have opted for alternative trading platforms like cTrader, Tradelocker & DXTrade for US traders. As the prop firm industry is continuing to evolve into new trading platforms, requests to copy trades from telegram to cTrader or DXTrade have been flooding in our Telegram Signal Copier community.

Telegram Signal Copier team has been working relentlessly to ensure a smooth launch of the Telegram to cTrader bot. Finally, it’s here. The first and the best telegram signal to cTrader has been launched and is available for you to take advantage. Now, all US prop traders can easily copy telegram signals directly from telegram to cTrader using our TSC cTrader bot. Additionally, if you are new to copy trading keep on reading to know how you can automate trades and make profits from telegram to cTrader.

Copy Trading Signals Seamlessly & Hassle Free

In simple words, copy trading is copying trades of expert traders. Now, following trading signals manually is waiting for signal updates or staring at your screen most of your time. This even sounds exhausting! So, what if you can automate this entire process? I mean use a bot to copy all these expert trading signals for you while you enjoy your life? 

That’s exactly what Telegram Signal Copier offers. The ability to seamlessly copy and automate telegram trading signals directly to your meta trader or telegram to cTrader.

How to Copy Signals from Telegram to cTrader?

Easy answer: SUBSCRIBE TO TELEGRAM SIGNAL COPIER! 😉 If you are a US trader looking for the best solution to copy trading signals from telegram to cTrader, Telegram signal copier is the universal cTrader copier. You can customize your copy trading with our telegram cTrader bot in so many ways. More on how to leverage TSC features for your benefit is down below. 

The new cTrader bot of TSC is available at TSC User Portal. Download the file and install the cTrader bot. It’s a 2-click process. You can also check out this video tutorial to set up your telegram cTrdaer bot-

How to Install Telegram Signal Copier in cTrader

Once you have set up a TSC cTrader bot, you can add in your preferred channel ID, lot and risk parameters to copy telegram signals to cTrader any way you want.

How to Use Telegram Signal Copier for cTrader?

Telegram Signal Copier offers a wide range of features and customization options to provide a trader with faster execution, flexibility and security. Here are few ways you can use our Telegram Signal Copier to maximize your profit potential-

  • Trailing SL and TP: You can easily trail your stop-loss with many copiers available in the market. However, with TSC cTrader bot you will also be able to trail your Take Profit. 
  • Prop Delay: Thinking about all the prop traders, who want to use a copier for their challenge. We brought the prop delay functionality with our cTrader bot.
    Now, you can add delay time to make sure prop firms will not be flagging your trading activity. You’re welcome!
  • Reverse Trading Strategy: You can set up the “Reverse Trading Strategy” option to reverse your telegram signal’s trade.
  • Custom Pip Addition/deduction with Entry, SL-TP: To give even more control over your incoming trading signals, you can add pips to entry, SL and TP with TSC cTrader Bot.
  • Individual SL-TP Set: This feature allows you to override signal’s  SL, TP separately with your predefined SL and TP. 
  • Keyword Customization: You can add, skip or ignore any keyword of your signal provider with Telegram Signal Copier.

Well, these are just a few of the wide variety of features offered by Telegram Signal Copier. If you are looking to fully automate your trading, TSC is your best choice. With TSC there is no restriction on cTrader brokers. Our telegram to cTrader bot can be used with all cTrader brokers available on the platform. 

Ready to level up your trading? Start the trial with Telegram Signal Copier and test out our cTrader copier. You can always reach out to our customer support team 24/7 to get assistance with any query and information. Happy Trading!

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