How Forex Image Signal Recognition work?

Telegram Signal Copier has partnered with Google Tesseract and Meta Trader to build the perfect copy trading platform. So, you can copy forex image signal easily! Our copier ... See More

Why my trade/signal is not executing?

There can be several reasons for your telegram signal or trade not being copied by our Telegram Signal Copier. In this article, we will go through the reasons and the solutio... See More

Can TSC read any kind of signal in any format?

Yes, our telegram to mt4/5 copier can read any kind of signal in any format. Whether the signal is in word or in image format (Copier can only extract the pair name from the ... See More

Are there any restrictions to use demo or real accounts?

No, we do not have any restrictions in TSC over the usage of demo or real MT4/MT5 to telegram signal providers. You will have the ultimate freedom to add your preferred MT4/M... See More

Can I use the copier on an android phone?

Yes, you can use Telegram Signal Copier with your Android phone and enjoy the forex trade copy service. To use Telegram Signal Copier, you will need to have a VPS subscriptio... See More

How many channels/groups and MT4/MT5 accounts can I copy at a time?

The Telegram Signal Copier allows you to copy trading signals from as many signal channels/groups as you like. The number of your trading accounts will vary depending on whic... See More

Can I use telegram signal copier on an iPhone?

Yes, you can use telegram signal copier on an iPhone if you use a VPS. Basically, Telegram Signal Copier is a windows-based software. It works with all windows syst... See More

How to install TSC on VPS?

Both on the Windows OS and VPS, the installation process of TSC trade copier software is very quick and simple. A VPS will allow you to copy telegram to MT4 or MT5 with compl... See More

Do I need VPS?

TSC works with all operating systems. So, if you use a Windows OS to run your computer, then you can simply install TelegramSignalCopier on your machine and you will be ready... See More

Which OS is supported?

Our telegram copier supports all operating systems. If you are using the Windows OS, then you can just simply install it on your computer. If you are a Mac OS or LINUX-based ... See More