Our telegram copier supports all operating systems. If you are using the Windows OS, then you can just simply install it on your computer. If you are a Mac OS or LINUX-based user, you can simply use VPS.

The Telegram Signal Copier automates trading signals from Telegram to MT4 and MT5. The setup is super easy and super instant.

In order to execute commands to your MT4/MT5 without interruptions, our EA requires a constant internet connection, and your MT4/MT5 must always be open to access Telegram messages, open/monitor orders automatically (copy trading signals), and execute signals to your MT4/MT5 without interruptions. Check out our video below:

A VPS will allow you to copy telegram to MT4/MT5 with complete hand-free access. Compared to using your own computer, a VPS allows you to stay connected and experience less downtime. Both in Windows OS and VPS, the installation process of Telegram Signal Copier is very quick and simple.

Even if you struggle to understand how to set up the EA, you can always get FREE support from the TSC helpdesk right from your TSC dashboard. You can also find our STEP-BY-STEP GUIDELINE. ✌️