You can set specific pair in the telegram signal copier that you want to trade only.

Some traders do not want to trade all pairs. They have their preferred pairs to trade. It is possible to do it manually. But what if someone is using a trade copier? How can he/she select the preferred pairs and ignore rest of the pairs in the trade forex copier? Keeping that in mind, telegram signal copier has brought an option where one can easily select his/her preferred pairs in the telegram to mt4/5 copier. Then, what’s the process? Let’s dive into it!

How to set specific pair to trade?

First, open the EA on the Metatrader application by clicking double on the cap/smiley face top right of the corner. (See the image)

After clicking double on the cap/smiley face, the EA of the telegram copier will appear on the screen like this. (See the image below)


Then, select Symbols to trade. Here, you can set your desired pairs so that the telegram trade copier can execute only those pairs. Moreover, the telegram to mt4/5 copier will also ignore the other pairs which are not included in this section. (See the image below)

Suppose you want USDCAD to be traded only in the signal copier. So, you will enter just USDCAD here. (See the image below)

What if I want to trade more than one pair?

Simple! Enter your preferred pair like USDCAD. Then put comma(,) and after that enter your other preferred pairs. Make sure that you are putting comma(,) after every pair. So, the format will be USDCAD,EURUSD,XAUUSD. (See the image below)

What if I have suffix/prefix?

If you have suffix/prefix with symbol, you need to put the suffix/prefix with the symbol in the Symbols to trade section. For example, if you have .i suffix with USDCAD, you need to put the suffix with the pair in the section. So, the format will be USDCAD.i (See the image below)

Last of all, make sure that you have clicked OK. Otherwise, all of the settings will not be saved! (See the image below)

Finally, it is done!

You can also trade most of the pairs and exclude specific pair in the Telegram Signal Copier.