If you do not want the EA copy trade a forex pair, you can add those trade pairs in the EXCLUDE section.

ea copy trade

For example, if you do not want ea copy trade GOLD (XAUUSD), just input it in this section.

  • If your broker has XAUUSD, put only XAUUSD.
  • If your broker has XAUUSD+, then put XAUUSD+
  • If your broker has GOLD, then put only GOLD.
  • If your broker has GOLD, then put GOLD.

Note: Symbol suffix and prefix don’t apply while excluding symbols so rather just using the symbol name use with the suffix and prefix if you have and if you don’t have any suffix or prefix then just put the symbol name as it is.

You can check our article about Symbol settings from Resources>EA, where we have discussed in detail about each symbol settings.