You can be facing this issue in copy telegram trade due to slippage. Keep reading to know how you can fix that-

What is Slippage in Telegram Trade?

Slippage in forex occurs when a market order is executed or a stop loss closes a position at a rate that differs from the rate specified in the order.

copy trade signals-slippage

Note that, Slippage is more likely in the forex market when volatility is high. Such as after a news event, or when the currency pair is trading outside of peak market hours.

How do you set Slippage in Telegram Signal Copier?

Open your EA settings, scroll down and select the SLIPPAGE option. Depending on your signal provider, you can set it from 7–15 or according to your preference. If the entry price provided by your forex signal provider is within the market price and slippage you have set, then TSC will execute the trade in market order. Otherwise, it will be a placed as a pending order.

copy trade signals-slippage

In this way, your issue with TSC copy telegram trade like market order becoming a pending order will be solved easily.

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