Yes, you can set your targeted partial close in the telegram signal copier on the partial close update of your signal provider.

While trading in forex, it is important to secure your profit as soon as it reaches to your desired pips. To do so, many traders want to close half or partial of their trades. Keeping that in mind, telegram signal copier has included an option in the EA where a trader can set his/her own preferred partial close percentage when a signal provider updates about the partial close. Then, let’s see how to set up the EA for this option step by step.

How to set targeted partial close in forex trade copier?

First, open the EA on the Metatrader application by clicking double on the cap/smiley face top right of the corner. (See the image)

After clicking double on the cap/smiley face, the EA of the telegram copier will appear on the screen like this. (See the image below)

Then, scroll down and you will find Partial close % of Lots. Click on the section.

After clicking the section, enter your preferred percentage of close partial. Here, you can see, I have entered 25. There is no need to put % after entering the number. Last of all, make sure that you have clicked OK. Otherwise, all of the settings will not be saved! (See the image below)

And it is done!

You can also set your targeted pips to close half the trades and move SL to entry in the telegram to mt4/5 copier.