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How Telegram Signal Copier Can Help You Make Profit in Forex?

If you found this blog, chances are you’re looking for a copy trading software that will help you automate your forex copy trading. Telegram Signal Copier offers you multiple customization options to copy your telegram signals into your mt4 mt5 accounts.

Telegram Signal Copier is made to solve all of your copy trading problems and make your experience smoother. So, lets dive into how Telegram Signal Copier helps you make profits in forex trading-

FAQ: Can I set my own SL-TP?

–Yes, to make copy trading flexible for you, telegram signal copier has the functionality to set your own predefined Stoploss (SL) & Take Profit (TP). You are able to easily override your telegram signal providers SL or TP and use your own with Telegram Signal Copier. Check out how-

FAQ: I want to use different lot for a specific pair. How to do it in telegram copier?

— Telegram signal copier allows copy trading in different lot sizes for any symbol. For example, you want to use 0.10 lot for all of your trades but 0.04 for XAUUSD.

With telegram signal copier you can easily customize your lot sizes according to your own choice. That’s not all. Telegram signal copier allows you to specify lot sizes for multiple Take profits! So, how can you set multiple lot sizes for multiple TPs?

Simple! Suppose you want to use 0.01 lot for TP1, 0.02 lot for TP2 and 0.03 lot for TP3 of USDCAD pair. So, the format will be XAUUSD:0.04-0.06-0.10 (See the image below)

copy trading

Telegram signal copier offers you customization of lot sizes from a specific trade pair to multiple take profits and multiple trade pairs all at once! Check out this video-

If you copy forex trades from one too many telegram signal channels, you must find it hard to manage all these channels. Because clearly not all telegram signal channel has the same signal format or same trading strategy.

Some may work best if you take reverse trades, some work best when you wait to reach a certain pip of profit and then close trades. We get it! We know that it’s next to impossible to copy all these trading signal in different strategy all at once for a human being. Errors are inevitable!

So, Telegram Signal Copier brought you the flexibility to automate the entire copy trading process. You can now easily and AUTOMATICALLY copy trades from your favorite telegram channels or groups in whichever strategy you think is best to make most of your profit. You can individually set the channels with Telegram Signal Copier. How many as you like! NO RESTRICTIONS!

FAQ: How can you set multiple strategy for each telegram signal channel?Check here!

Additionally, securing your profits in forex trading is the most crucial part. We all love earning getting the most profits from our trades. Telegram Signal Copier understands that. So, we have added multiple features in our telegram copier EA that you can use to cash in most amount of profits from your copy trading.

You can now select what percentage of lot size you wish to close for close half and close partial updates. See the image below.

copy trading

FAQ: Can I Move SL to Entry When TP1 Hits for All Other Take Profits?

Yes, you can with Telegram Signal Copier. TSC EA has an option named “Trailing Stop TP”. With this option turned to TRUE, it will move SL of the TP2 & TP3 to the TP1 entry price when TP1 hits. Similarly, TP3 SL will move to TP1 price when TP2 hits.

These are just a few profit locking feature that Telegram Signal Copier offers. We have many others. Find out all the features of Telegram Signal Copier. And if you have any questions about how it works, don’t forget to send us a text on Telegram.

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